What You'll Find In Navigating Family Court: In The Best Interest Of Your Child:

  • What to Expect When You Go to Court
  • What Things a Judge Might Order
  • What is Involved in a Custody Evaluation
  • What to Do if there are Issues Involving Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Child Abuse/Neglect, or Domestic Violence
  • Information on Mediation, Parent Education, and Counseling
  • A List of Things You Should Gather for Easy Access
  • Tips on Co-Parenting
  • And More!

While no one can guarantee you’ll win custody of your child, if you’re involved in family court litigation, this guide will help you prepare yourself and your child for the months ahead.

*There is no legal advice given in this book. The author strongly believes that if you are involved in litigation, you should consult with an attorney - the sooner, the better.